Why Should Detox Tea Be a Part of Your Wellness Regimen?

Why Should Detox Tea Be a Part of Your Wellness Regimen?

Have you observed celebrities or your favorite influencer opting for a detox diet after a fun-and-food-filled vacation or festival? Have you seen how people have been making a fuss about detox teas and their benefits worldwide?

In what has turned out to be a lifestyle choice, people are turning more towards detox teas than ever. The common reason is that people are conscious of their choices. After two to three days of having an imbalanced diet or feeling bloated and puffed, one resorts to detoxing to make the transition to a healthy diet smoother.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of removing unwanted toxins from the body. Toxins generally come from food or water we consume, degraded air quality, and much more. Generally, the body has its own detoxification system. However, at some point, people employ the exterior detox method to improve their overall wellness. This includes incorporating detox teas into the meal or switching to detox foods like ginger, garlic, etc. into the overall diet, which flushes out the toxins.

The popularity of tea as a choice among all generations of people has been immense. As the concept of a healthy diet and detoxification process grows, people are looking forward to combining the benefits of regular tea with detoxifying ingredients to reap maximum benefits.

How does detoxification work?

Detoxification is carried out by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, as it is the site for toxin removal. Other body parts, like skin, intestines, lungs, and kidneys, also help remove toxins from the body. Having detox tea in the diet allows one to remove extra toxins that the natural body system could not and also cleanses the colon. As the detox tea is generally prepared in water, the effect of the ingredient intake is maximised on the body.

How does detox tea benefit you?

Among the multiple benefits that detox tea has got to offer, let’s delve into some important ones that have made people turn towards it and make it a part of their wellness regime-

  •  Weight loss: Whenever extra water is held in the body or is stored, it causes bloating and puffiness in the entire body. This is also known as water weight. Detox tea can help you lose water weight and get a slimmer look. Besides, it also assists in making the abdomen look flatter as it speeds up the digestion of the food.
  • Improved digestion: As mentioned, detox tea is beneficial for the digestive process as it speeds up food digestion in the intestines. It also regulates the daily bowel movement, thereby benefiting body functions. The dehydration in the body often results in constipation, which is resolved using detox tea. 
  • Boosts immunity: The ingredients of detox tea like cardamom, sea buckthorn, clove, and many others help you to increase your body’s immunity. Besides, it also helps minimize seasonal fevers, coughs, colds, etc., making the body tougher and ready for seasonal variation.
  • Mood enhancement: Feeling stressed due to work schedules or daily routine? Incorporating detox tea will help you a great deal to lighten up the mood and relax your body. It is also studied that remaining dehydrated leads to decreased mood levels, often resulting in stress. Detox tea is another way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, positively affecting your mood.
  • Increased stamina: The green tea component of the detox tea contains caffeine, which can help you keep on your toes daily for long standing or sitting hours. Many nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts prefer having detox tea before their physical exercises, as they have seen a considerable increase in stamina due to it, helping them improve form and reps.
  • Toxin removal: The presence of ayurvedic ingredients like ginger helps remove excess toxins from the body, making the detoxification process faster and easier. The removal of extra metal-based foods also helps in toxin removal. Having detox tea speeds up the overall process.
  • Improves mental alertness: Boosting mental alertness and providing relaxation to the mind is where detox tea, comprising ingredients like green tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, rose petals, and black pepper, proves to be a great help.
  • Cleanses skin: The removal of excess toxins from the body is directly proportional to treating yourself with clean and healthy skin devoid of pimples, acne, and other problems. As the detox tea helps keep one hydrated, it also keeps skin supple and soft, making one look a lot younger than their actual age.

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